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India Travel Guide gives all information related to India tour, India travel, India travel packages, India beach tour, wildlife travel, adventure travel, hot spot travel, hill stations of India, travel by train, travel by car, hotel bookings and other travel holidays related activities. Travel India has fascinated the world with its conscious culture, a subcontinent with an interesting 5000-year old history, a civilization divided and united by its diversity, a land enhanced by the richness of its culture. Tourists from all over the world Travel India for its wealth of sights, cultural exuberance, diversity of terrain and an extra punch that only Travel Guide India promises and delivers. Further, Travel Guide has specialization in customized travel packages for business and leisure traveller!

India is a country of vast geography with different cultures, religions, languages, peoples etc. It is interlocked with natural beauties like Himalyas in the North, Indian Ocean in the South, Arabian Ocean in the West and Bay of Bengal in the East. So, travel to any sides to its territory gives immense pleasure with unmemorable history. While travelling (guide) to Northern parts especially Darjeeling you will get the picture of largest mountains in the world with its special variety of greenery, ice mountains, sun-rise, tea plantation etc. In her Southern part lies the India Ocean with Dravidian people having variety of cultures entirely different from the Northern parts of India. In the West, you will find the dry lands like Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and whole area of Rajasthan situated on the tropical zone. Travel to Eastern part of India gives you an unforgettable history of ancient India especially the rise of Buddhism and Jainism. Travel Guide India assists the visitors to travel through the various places where the cultural and heritage beauty lies like Bodh Gaya in Bihar which is the living example of Buddhist Culture which had reached to its apex during ancient time. Till the place has its significance in Buddhist religion. Its expansion to Orissa especially Puri, Bhubaneswar, and surrounding areas illustrates the variety of sculptures, paintings, artisans, and many other things.

To North, the visitors can come to Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra to see the vast cultural, heritage and historical values, since these places have its continuation from an ancient Era. With this one can also come to Varanasi and see the beauty of the Ghats and the temples and get to known about the life of Lord Buddha at Sarnath. So in a nutshell one can say that the travel guide India suggests the travellers to travel through the India to see its scenic beauty.

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